Flockmen Family (30)



The Flockmen Family set comes with 30 carefully crafted and 100% natural Flockmen in 10 different sizes.

The Flockmen Family are open-ended, undefined wooden toys, enriching play.  Use them for pretend and role-play, building social skills.  They are a great learning resource for maths using the 10 different sizes to help understanding of counting basics.

Flockmen are made of strong Baltic Birch timber which is known for its ability to withstand wear-and-tear, and resistance to shock and splitting.  Flockmen are 100% natural - not treated with any chemicals and are CE certified.

Each individual Flockman is impossible to swallow so it is safe to play with around babies. Please note that the exact colour and texture  of wood may vary due to the natural variations in the wood.


  • A set of 30 Flockmen including 3x each size in 10 different sizes.
  • The smallest ‘man’ is 45mm wide, and the largest 118mm tall. Each is 13mm thick.  The regular Flockmen figurine is the 4th size beginning from the smallest.
  • A natural linen drawstring storage bag to keep your Flockmen stored when not in use.
  • Care instructions to ensure your Flockmen last.